“Not my company… not my people… we’re too small” you may say… Don’t be the next victim!

Cybersecurity & Ransomware Protection experts on Long Island

As CEO, do you safeguard your company’s data and your customer’s private information BETTER THAN Equifax, Yahoo, and Target Did? If the answer is “No” – and let’s be honest, the answer IS No – you are leaving yourself and your company open to MASSIVE liability, MILLIONS in FINES and LOST BUSINESS, LAWSUITS, THEFT and so much more… Just like THEY did.

Small businesses are actually the cybercriminals favorite targets

Why? Because small business owners are not prepared and make it easier on criminals. One of the biggest issues facing small business owners in the fight against cybercrime is the lack of a cybersecurity plan. While 83% lack a formal plan, over 69% lack even an informal one. And over half of small business owners believe that cybercrime will never affect them.

Are YOUR Credentials actively being SOLD on the dark web?

Do your employees know how to protect YOUR company and CUSTOMERS DATA?

Are YOUR BACKUPS safe and isolated from a Ransomware attack?

What can you do if you get infected by a Ransomware?

As Business Owner, it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to protect your company, your employees and ESPECIALLY your customers against Cybersecurity threats

This isn’t a scare tactic. The liability for you as Business Owner is 100% REAL. After a data breach, the dominoes fall. Fines. Lawsuits. Audits. And once the press gets wind of it… bye-bye customers.

Let’s face it – no one likes to think about bad things happening to them, much less plan for them. Over the last few years, ransomware has emerged as one of the most devastating and costly attacks in the hacker arsenal. Cybercriminals are increasingly using this form of attack to target individuals, corporate entities and public sector organizations alike by holding your system or files for ransom.


Get real-time protection against advanced Cybersecurity threats driven by machine learning, intelligent automation, and employee training.

Anti-Ransomware Protection w/Forensics

Endpoint Security Suite

Intrusion Prevention

Employee Cybersecurity Training

Email & File Encryption

Incident Response Plan

Fight against ransomware starts with people, not only technology

Many problems with cybersecurity are human. The solution can be the application of a new tool at times. But you need to make sure that the tools you have are well provisioned and work well, and that people know how to use them.

The first line of defense begins with you and your team. From training and weekly “refreshers” to simulated phishing attacks to determine which users need more training or additional education, we make sure you and your team know what an attack looks like so you don’t become their next victim. We layer on silent monitoring of all user- and system activities.

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